City Mac Apple Specialist Sales Service


I have used Apple computers since 1990.My service experience at City Mac recently was the best ever.Thanks to Matt Carter and Dave, my seemingly impossible problems were solved.It is rare to find such excellent customer service in any business. City Mac is definitely a ’10’.

Just wanted to let you know.

— Debra H.

On Tuesday morning, March 24, I was standing at the door to the City Mac store in Biltmore Park, with a ipad on life support in my hand, waiting for the store to open. It was opened punctually at 10:00 am by a smiling face named Matt. He welcomed me to City Mac as if I were a long lost friend and immediately looked at my ipad. Quickly diagnosing the problem he told me it was not a something they could repair but that he knew someone who might be able to repair my unit. He made a call and sent me to a fellow that did the job with a smile. My wonderful experience that day was made possible by Matt, your employee. I highly commend Matt and wanted you to know that he makes you and your business look great in a time where Customer Service and personal touch are very often overlooked or not present at all. Congratulations to you and Matt for such outstanding service with a smile. Matt certainly deserves a “pat on the back”.

I will recommend Matt and City Mac to anyone needing computer assistance of any kind . . .

— Tom P

The MacPro seems to be fixed thanks to Matt Carter at CityMac. Going beyond diagnostics, his inspection revealed a partially unseated RAM module which when reseated resolved all issues – amazing. Many, many Thanks to Apple and CityMac, Asheville.

— Jan C

“I would like to express my gratitude to your staff in transitioning my Dell Notebook to my new Apple MacBook Pro. Ahamed was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I also appreciated the insights, tips and customer service provided by Sean, Brett, Keoshi and Will – everyone went beyond what I would have expected.

I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with everyone and buying my first MacBook and iPad from your store. I will definitely recommend your store and will come visit when I am back in Asheville.”

— Kathleen Murphy


“The class on iMac with Shawn was excellent! It was organized, systematic, clearly articulated, had good examples, and good illustrations. It was easy to ask questions and the answers to the questions were good. I believe with classes of this caliber, you will have more sales, more customers, and more happy people.”


— Kathy Drown

“I would like to commend Mr. Travis Smith at City Mac for his attitude and personal attention. As a result of his repair service on my iMac, I purchased a new iMac.

The new and old iMacs are up and running, and the new one is a great addition to my office here. Please convey my personal regards to Mr. Smith, and I look forward to utilizing your organization for my services and to also purchase an iPad in the near future.”

— Jack T. Chandler

“Dear City Mac and all the people who were involved in healing my computer:

I was so worried about my computer because it wasn’t working and I thought it was going to cost a bunch of money to get it fixed and then I came in yesterday and it was all fixed up good as new and beautiful and you even cleaned it and everything and the whole cost was magically covered somehow and I’m just so grateful I want to hug you all. Thank you so much!”

— Suzanne Teune

City Mac,

I had a computer problem last week and was helped by one of your employees, Kane Jackson.  Kane easily solved my problem (easy for him) and provided excellent customer service.  He was helpful, encouraging, forthright, pleasant, patient and thorough. Notably, I appreciated how respectful and understanding he was to this older and non-tech savvy customer.  I’m glad to have discovered City MAC.  In my opinion, Kane is an asset to City MAC and deserves to be acknowledged for his good work.


— Marilyn Lalor


I want to thank you for the great service I received upon returning to exchange my MacBook Air on Tuesday.  Matt knew all about the situation and got me in and out without any issue.  He apologized for any inconvenience and thanked me for my loyalty to your store.
This was truly a great display of how to run a small business, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know who is looking to purchase a computer about my wonderful experience at CityMac in Asheville. You guys went above and beyond the normal standard of service, and I am very grateful for it.  You have a customer for life.
Thank you!

— Geoff Fe

I want to thank the young gentleman who helped me pick out a Speck iPad 3 FIT FOLIO folder for my iPad.

I wasn’t able to try it on my iPad 2 until I returned home this weekend, and it fits like a glove.

Have faith in your ability to sell a customer the right product, because you did an excellent job in working with me and fitting me with the right solution.


— John W.

Mr. Jim Strater
General Manager
Dear Mr. Strater,
“I purchased an iMAC and iPAD and a bunch of accessories from the Market Commons City Mac. I am also a disabled vietnam vet with post traumatic stress disorder which limits my focusing skills. Ms. Hawkins spent the better part of a day patiently explaining the ins and outs of the iMAC and Ipad and answering my many questions, some of them questions she probably answered hundreds of times. She is to be recommended for her incredible patience and also her skills at clearly explaining…A rare skill these days in customer service. As i mentioned she spent the better part of a work day. I had to break for lunch because i am sure she wasnt going to. When discussing what i really needed and didn’t need she was honest and upfront. I am near 70 and there are a few things that didnt make sense and others would be very helpful. She signed me on to my existing e-mail and did all the proper registrations and help with passwords and APP purchases. It was my first APP purhcase so you have an idea of how low tech i am. I am switching over from a old PC to the iMAC and I am betting had I gone to Best Buy and gotten another PC or even a MAC now that they are sold in some Best Buys, there is no way in hell I would have a sales person, let alone a Manager, spend all that time explaining things..I spent over 3500 dollars, that part hurt, but Ms. Hawkins did everything possible to make the training process, even for someone who doesnt concentrate that well, as painless as possible. For that I am truly appreciative. I just wanted to write to let you know the valuable person you have in your employ, but I am hoping you already know that. I know you are aware  every letter you get represents alot of people that may have wanted to write but didn’t.  Sincerely, Joe DeGennaro..PS I am just as quick to complain when something is not right so I take pleasure in praising Ms. HAwkins.”


— Joe D

“I love CityMac service! They were fast and helped me understand how to use my power cord  appropriately in order to save battery life.

I appreciate the free classes on everything from the new OS to iWork and just basics.Thanks CityMac for making me feel comfortable while learning!”

— Natasha Meduri