Every Mac and iPad you purchase with AppleCare from CityMac includes these six great benefits that makes your CityMac Apple experience special – at no extra cost.

Jim and Neely Neu

Dear Valued Customer…

On behalf of our family and staff members, thank you so much for your support.

Our love for Apple computers has grown into a professional expertise and deep dedication to providing something unique for you and all our customers. For over 25 years we have been developing what we call the CityMac Apple experience.

It is our sincere hope that every time you join us for a free class, a shopping visit, or just to pop in and see the latest Apple innovations, you will walk away with something more than an ordinary retail experience. This is why we are proud to introduce CityMac for Life.

When you purchase from us, you get CityMac for Life, our benefits package. Not only do you get Apple’s warranty, you get a relationship built on local support and all seven benefits at no extra cost.

Thank you for supporting the local economy and enjoy the CityMac Apple experience.

— Jim & Neely Neu

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