City Mac Apple Specialist Sales Service

Apple Service and Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach welcomed City Mac in the Summer of 2012 with a wonderful celebration at The Myrtle Beach Market Common located at 4005 Howard Street, Myrtle Beach, SC. Call us at (843)492-4600 for immediate questions. If the time ever comes when your Apple products (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad, iPod, AppleTV's, Mac Pro) need service or repair, we are ready to take care of it. We cover repairs on all Mac's - Apple computers under warranty and out-of-warranty. Our Apple certified staff is here to provide our award winning Mac repair and service with over 30 years combined experience. Check store schedules at CityMac Myrtle Beach Hours

Apple Warranty Repairs

All Apple hardware related issues (parts and labor) are covered by Apple per AppleCare Terms and Conditions.

Mac OS, Software and data issues are billed at normal hourly rates.

For a complete warranty description please refer to your AppleCare Terms and Conditions.

CityMac will make every reasonable effort to protect your data, however it is possible data can be lost due to factors beyond our control. You, the customer, are responsible for backing up your data to removable media. We may back up your data for you at your request, if your system has the necessary components to do so on site, or by other means in our store. CityMac will not be held responsible in any way for lost data, or any loss revenue or income resulting from such loss.

Out of Warranty Repairs

Standard Computer In-house/On-site Hourly Rate: $110/hr
*In-house Computer CityMac for Life Members Rate: $80/hr
*Business On-Site Rate: $110/hr
*Call for Apple items not listed above

Macintosh Data Backup:
Functional Mac to customer supplied external Hard Drive.

**Free Mac-to-Mac Data transfer:
Computers purchased with AppleCare from CityMac qualify for a free Mac-to-Mac data transfer.

Data Recovery Attempt:
2-hour min.

*Qualify for CityMac for Life Members Rates by purchasing an Apple Laptop, Desktop or an iPad with AppleCare from CityMac.
**Qualifying Macs must be Intel-based 2006 or later models in working order for ‘free’ transfer.


Apple 1Yr Warranty and/or AppleCare® Diagnostics:
up to $35, depending on problem.
$49 pre-paid (CML customers $39)
PPC Macs Out-of-warranty:
$90 pre-paid

iOS Repair

iPads and iPods within 1-yr Limited Warranty or AppleCare: CityMac facilitates whole-unit replacements on units that qualify.